International Homeschooling Day

The European Homeschooling Foundation launched International Homeschooling Day in 2019, the year of its founding.

The choice of date was to find a day after the beginning of the school year and in most countries still a comfortable weather forecast to have most activities and festivals to be held outside.

The purpose of International Homeschooling Day is to have a day where you can celebrate the homeschooling way of life, by organizing festivals, field trips but also protest and marches if needed in your country.

The first logical step was to set up a Wikipedia page as that seemed the most logical thing to do at the time. In a matter of weeks the page was taken down, due to some ‘mistake’ as it was our first time using Wikipedia. The very active ‘support’ writers did everything they could to ban the page.

In the years after that the world was introduced to homeschooling or rather school at home and we all were redefining pretty much everything in life.

Looking for alternatives, we took some time and decided for now a Facebookpage is the best start.

Please follow, like and share the page. The goal is to reach families around the world, inform families of their parental rights and find allies all over the globe.