International Homeschooling Day

Celebrating the homeschool way of life around the world!

Millions of families around the world homeschool, in many ways. Since homeschooling is very individual, it is hard to make it a ‘standard’.

Although curriculum or programmes might differ enormously, the choice to homeschool is the same. The European Homeschooling Foundation takes the initiative to set a global date, October 1, to celebrate the homeschooling way of life. 

On this day you can organize events advocating for your rights to homeschool, have parties in your community, festivals or field trips. In the future, we hope to see many many families around the world sharing their stories about this day.

It is also a day to support all those families who need to fight for their rights to homeschool. So please help us spread the word, and make this day an important one!


Hop on Facebook and follow the International Homeschooling Day page.

You are free to share your stories there, classes you offer, videos, you name it!

Our goal is to reach 10.000 homeschoolers around the world – showing the homeschooling community is there, supporting each other around the world. First time we launched this day was in 2019.

We have tried to set up a wikipedia page, that did not end well. For now, we meet on Facebook. If a better options flies by we are open to use it. Also, there is a group on Facebook, since 2022. Join here: International Homeschooling Day Facebook Group.

Calling all homeschoolers to join and celebrate
International Homeschooling Day

Of course this day needs a song – well here it is:
 Willie Nelson – On The Road Again  
if you know a better song, let us know!  

Looking forward to the day we can say – It is a Great Day, International Homeschooling Day!

Marlies van Sint Annaland
President European Homeschooling Foundation – Gifted Europe

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