Connect Gifted Europe


Did you know there are millions of gifted people in Europe? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you get to meet some of them, go on a trip together, meet new friends?

We noticed there is no website or platform for gifted tweens, teens and twenty-something. There is stuff, educational websites, yes. Many gifted children are homeschooled, and they love the online classrooms they find all over the internet.
Also, there is a lot of info for parents whose kids are gifted. So, a lot ABOUT them, not FOR them. As we see it, you need 2 things when growing up.

Good education & Great friends.

So we decided we are going to find YOU, the gifted tweens and teens in Europe. So you can build your social platform together. With a little help from us, and your parents.

To make it easier to find friends. Who are like you. Who love Japanese art. Or need to know all there is to know about megalodons. Or stardust. Or electric cars. That fly to Mars, naturally.

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