European Homeschooling Foundation

Ride the waves

The European Homeschooling Foundation

is here to roll like waves on a beach… we are looking for you, gifted families in all European countries, to get in touch, get connected, get together to ride the waves.
Please sign up via our newsletter subscription so we can share our plans with you. All you have to do is sign up. How soon you think we could reach 10.000 of you?

Why we are looking for YOU

We have a dream

In Europe there are millions of you, gifted children. You might be homeschoolers. You might be at school, without any other gifted kids around. We want to set up city trips, day trips and a great social platform to connect  you gifted tweens, teens and twenty-something gifted Europeans. And we know that many of you, are looking for friends, who are like you.
We want you to connect, make friends for life, find soulmates, who also totally love Japanese letter art. Or paleontology. Or designing games.

International Minecraft Club

International Minecraft Club

At Gifted Europe, we focus on 2 things: Education and Meeting Friends. All you gifted tweens, teens, and twenty-something are welcome to join our community. You might find a soulmate, an ‘Oh my, I am looking in the mirror friend’. Feel connected. Be connected. Gifted ones need to be connected. With gifted ones. 

In many countries homeschooling organisations, groups and blogs offer online classes.

We want to bring them together here at GiftedEurope, via the European Homeschooling Foundation.

Do you offer online classes, outdoor classes or a mixture of both offline and online content and educational activities? Get in touch at

About us

Let’s Connect

We homeschool. We unschool. We know you need soulfood,  you crave to see the world, we appreciate your knowledge appetite. And. We know you need Friends.

Like we all do. We want to find you, gifted teenagers in Europe. To find each other. How? Sign up for our newsletter and find out.
And join us on Instagram.  See you soon! Take care, Ursula and Marlies.

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